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Questions? Requests? Reporting bugs?

Should you have questions about this software, miss a function, or have found a bug, I will gladly help.

Of course, I do not like to see bugs and errors in my software. If you can recreate a program error, please tell me as precisely as possible how to recreate the error. Please tell me your OS, and which version of "Familienbande" you are using.

I am also interested to hear from you if you have ideas for additional features and functions. But please understand that I work on this program in my spare time and do not make money with it. This means that it might be a while until your suggestions become implemented in "Familienbande". Functions which are useful for many will be prioritized.

"Familienbande" was programmed to work as simply and intuitively as possible. Some functions may, however, only become clear with intense usage. But in general, the most logical should be how things work. If you get stuck, just think how you would like the software to work. Most likely, this will be exactly how "Familienbande" works. :-)

Please send questions about how to use the software and its functions to the:

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